Al-Hudaa Primary is a full time Islamic Primary School with traditional values, run by professional Muslims. The school has been s


et up due to the rising concern of Muslim parents, regarding the environment their children are educated in. We are investing our efforts to remedy this. A wide-spread and persistent demand arose among Muslims in the midlands that arrangements should be made here, for education of their children which provides both high standards in secular education side by side with spiritual Islamic i


The school would like to ensure that whilst Children are at Al-Hudaa their behaviour, actions, mannerisms reflect the beauty of Islam, and they are encouraged to sustain this character whilst at home, in private and in public. Children from all sectors of the community are warmly welcomed to Al-Hudaa.


The school has been running since September 2003. We are growing at a favourable pace Allhamdulillah and now have children ranging from five years to eleven. We have all classes from year 1 to year 6.

Our Aims
  • To teach in an Islamic environment and reinforce the importance of Islam in our daily lives.
  • To provide a good all round education equipping the children with the necessary foundations to excel.
  • To provide small class sizes so that the children receive the best attention at all times.
  • To teach qualities of initiative, leadership and responsibility.

Ensure that children are well motivated, happy, independent and confident


We are following the national curriculum and in addition to this we have included other subjects that we feel are important:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Science
  4. Quran Hifz/Tajweed
  5. Arabic Language
  6. Arabic Grammar
  7. Islamic Studies/History incorporated in English lessons as non fiction comprehension.
  8. ICT (Information and Computer Technology) is taught within subjects taught (e.g. Maths, English and Science)